Overview of Target Journals + Published Papers

Journal Overview

General journals

Protist journals

Animal Ecology Acta Protozoologica
Applied Soil Ecology European Journal of Protistology
Environmental Microbiology Journal of Eurkaryotic Microbiology
European Journal of Soil Biology Protist
FEMS Microbiology Ecology
ISME Journal
Molecular Ecology
Nature Communications
New Phytologist
Plos Biology
Plos One
Soil Biology and Biochemistry
Trends in Ecology and Evolution

Published papers


Geisen, S., Mitchell, E.A.D., Wilkinson, D.M., Adl, S., Bonkowski, M., Brown, M.W., Fiore-Donno, A.M., Heger, T.J., Jassey, V.E.J., Krashevska, V., Lahr, D.J.G., Marcisz, K., Mulot, M., Payne, R., Singer, D., Anderson, O.R., Charman, D.J., Ekelund, F., Griffiths, B.S., Rønn, R., Smirnov, A., Bass, D., Belbahri, L., Berney, C., Blandenier, Q., Chatzinotas, A., Clarholm, M., Dunthorn, M., Feest, A., Fernández, L.D., Foissner, W., Fournier, B., Gentekaki, E., Hájek, M., Helder, J., Jousset, A., Koller, R., Kumar, S., La Terza, A., Lamentowicz, M., Mazei, Y., Santos, S.S., Seppey, C.V.W., Spiegel, F.W., Walochnik, J., Winding, A., Lara, E., 2017. Soil protistology rebooted: 30 fundamental questions to start with. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 111, 94-103.
Opinion Paper about all aspects of soil protists
Berney, C., Ciuprina, A., Bender, S., Brodie, J., Edgcomb, V., Kim, E., Rajan, J., Parfrey, L.W., Adl, S., Audic, S., Bass, D., Caron, D.A., Cochrane, G., Czech, L., Dunthorn, M., Geisen, S., Glöckner, F.O., Mahé, F., Quast, C., Kaye, J.Z., Simpson, A.G.B., Stamatakis, A., del Campo, J., Yilmaz, P., de Vargas, C., 2017. UniEuk: Time to Speak a Common Language in Protistology! Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology, in press
Smirnov, A., Nassonova, E., Geisen, S., Bonkowski, M., Kudryavtsev, A., Berney, C., Glotova, A., Bondarenko, N., Dyková, I., Mrva, M., Fahrni, J., Pawlowski, J., 2017. Phylogeny and Systematics of Leptomyxid Amoebae (Amoebozoa, Tubulinea, Leptomyxida). Protist 168, 220-252
Schulz-Bohm, K., Geisen, S., Wubs, E.R.J., Song, C., de Boer, W., Garbeva, P., 2017. The prey’s scent – Volatile organic compound mediated interactions between soil bacteria and their protist predators. ISME J 11, 817–820.
Protist-bacterial interactions

Former since 2010


Diversity/Community Structure


(Ecological) Functions / Interactions


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