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Postdoc-fellow at the Netherlands Institute for Ecology. Expertise on soil protists, molecular techniques and other soil organisms

New review on soil protists in FEMS Microbiology reviews

With a team of several soil protistologists we compiled a cumulative review on soil protists which is published in FEMS Microbiology Reviews.

This review should give a good overview of what protists in soil are and doing, what they can be used for etc etc.

We hope this is useful for all that are interested in soil protists!

Click here for access

First big joint paper out!

It has been a while, but we are still alive and active.

We have finally succeeded in publishing our first peer-reviewed paper on the importance of soil protists which was published in Soil Biology and Biochemistry!

47 of soil protistologists have compiled an important opinion paper that integrates major fields of soil protistology and highlight 30 questions that are of key priority for future research. Check it out, especially the discrepancies between work on protists and other microbes in soils!

Furthermore, we have setup a researchgate group to share the work with other scientists.

Last, we are now tightly linked to UniEuk, a global initiative aiming at providing a taxonomic framework to better study the diversity of protists.

More to come, stay tuned!

Day 5: soil protist session

Despite being the last day, after a long conference dinner evening and two other parallel sessions, many participants appeared to out session.
Edward Mitchell (introductory talk), Sina Adl (functions of soil protists), Anna Maria Fiore-Donno (method comparison to study soil protists), David Bass (immense diversity of unknown soil protists), Stefan Geisen and Enrique Lara (wrapup and addons) contributed to a very nice session and gave a great overview on soil protists.


Day4: intense day

Many interesting sessions again with a special 4hour workshop including the entire community of protistologists on a future initiative to curate and optimise sequence databases.
Then all deserved a tour through Alcazar and the conference dinner





Rhizosphere 4- great interest in soil protists

Rhizosphere 4 organized in Maastricht, the Neterlands has just finished and several contributions included sil protists. Many talks and posters showed the importance of protists in the soil food web. Others included diversity information on soil/rhizosphere protists based on sequence data and two talks and several posters entirely focused on functional diversity of soil protists.

Inspiring meeting with more than 600 participants- many of these soil biologists from different fields were or became interested in protists!

here an impression