New title image, soil protist session in Sevilla, paper updates and new members

Thanks to the input of Yuri Mazei and Hartmut Arndt we now have a new title image that includes other morphogroups of soil protists, i.e. testate amoebae and flagellates. A more final and nicer version will be uploaded soon (hopefully with a nice ciliate picture being added?!).

We are also organizing a session at the ISOP and ECOP joint conference in Sevilla in autumn this year! Speakers will be Edward Mitchell, Sina Adl, Anna Maria Fiore-Donno, Enrique Lara and Stefan Geisen. Looking forward to hopefully meet many you there for interesting discussions!

Furhermore, some new people have joined our “protistologist” page and more recent papers on soil protists have been listed.


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