Soil protist initiative

Why this initiative?



Now connected to Researchgate and with UniEuk

After a long silence we are back – more alive than ever! Check out the huge update! We have a first big joint opinion paper published in Soil Biology and Biochemistry! Here a link that allows free access for the next month!

We are now also connected to UniEuk – a global initiative that aims at providing a taxonomic framework for eukaryotes, specifically focusing on protists! Highly needed effort and we are happy to be part!


Flyer available for people to join!

In collaboration with the GSBI we have designed a flyer to be placed at conferences/workshops/symposia to get people interested in soil protists! Feel free to download and distribute it that more people get aware of soil protists!

flyer for page

Link to a wider context

The Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative

The leading initiative to understand and promote soil biodiversity


3 thoughts on “Soil protist initiative”

  1. Soil protist initiative is a great idea. Hope we can develop something exciting together.


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Increasing and sharing knowledge on soil protists and transferring it outside the field of soil protistologists to a wider audience